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Let's Get Physical

Posted on Wed May 8th, 2019 @ 1:23am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Joshua Miller M.D.

Mission: History
Location: Sickbay, USS Sentinel


Ross was already a ball of sweat when he entered the Main Area of Sickbay. The run in the Holodeck had taken him longer than usual. Once the computer had announced the time for his physical had arrived, Ross continued his run until he hit the doorway of the medbay. He was ten minutes late.

While waiting for the tardy Lieutenant, Doctor Miller spent the extra time reviewing Ross' medical records. When Ross finally arrived, Josh deactivated his terminal and pushed himself out of his seat. "Lieutenant Ross." Josh walked out of his office. "Are you always quite so punctual?"

"I'm sorry Doc. I got stuck in the turbolift. I think the car stopped on every deck besides this one." Ross pushed a wet lock from his eyes. "I hope I didn't make you wait too long."

Josh took in the Lieutenant's appearance. He was close to asking if the turbolift was peddle powered, thus explaining his sweaty appearance but he decided to bite the comment back. "Not at all. Gave me a chance to familiarise myself with your medical history." Motioning towards one of the biobeds he instructed, "Why don't you take a seat on the biobed and we'll make a start."

Ross felt embarrassed that he was still in his exercise clothes; a sleeveless shirt and shorts. Usually he would have been in uniform. Oliver spent the majority of his rare day off dressed like this or in his pajamas. He took a seat and watched as the console on the wall activated.

"Alright," Josh began enthusiastically, "Lieutenant Oliver Ross." He approached the biobed where Ross was perched, a PADD in hand. "Do you have a preferred form of address? Oliver? Ollie? Lieutenant?"

"Ollie is fine, Oliver if you're my mother, Lieutenant if I am in trouble," Ross said flatly. After many years of hearing that question the answer became second nature.

Josh nodded with a smile. "Ollie it is." He activated the PADD. "So, anything you need to report since your last physical? Any aches, pains, things of that nature?"

"A little twinge in my left trap when I lift weights and try to stretch in the morning honestly. Other than that no, not really." Ross rubbed his shoulder as he spoke. "I think I over did it a while back when we were docked."

The Doctor swapped the PADD for a tricorder and moved around the biobed so he was behind Ollie. Activating the medical scanner, he ran an osteopgrahic series scan that was used to diagnose bone and muscle damage. It was the modern successor to the old X-rays.

After studying the tricorders scan data for a moment he announced, "Yeah, looks like your strained your trapezius. I can give you something for the pain but I've found in these cases that massage therapy is actually the best treatment. You'll also need to take it easy for the next week or two otherwise you're gonna end up tearing something."

Ross nodded, "Never try to out lift a Deltan I guess."

"Well they say we learn these lessons the hard way." Josh chuckled as he walked back around to stand in front of the Ops Officer, he asked, "I'm sure there's a story there."

Ross relayed the story of how this mountain of a Deltan walked into the Officer's Gym on the Station. Ollie was just there for a quick jog on a tread when the Deltan 'convinced' him into a power lifting contest. The two matched head to head until the last round when Ross weakly lifted a 192 kilo weight and fell backwards on his bum. The Deltan one-armed the bar off of the prone Ollie.

"Needless to say I definitely lost. But made a good friend. We're still in contact with each other. He's a Security Officer on the Morristown." Ross smiled. "Next time though I am gonna win."

Josh made a few notes on the PADD. "Not unless you give your muscles time to heal so do me a favour and take it easy for the next few weeks. Not that I don't enjoy your company, but I don't want you back in here having done yourself an even worse injury."

"Aye, Doctor. I will try."

Josh nodded and made a few more notes. "Any other concerns? Anything you want to ask?"

"Not really Doc, I try to keep myself as healthy as possible, exercise regularly, and I try to keep my stress down." Ross stared at the screen behind him. "How am I really?"

Miller offered a reassuring smile and a pat on the shoulder. "You're fine. You're in great shape, other than the issue with your strained muscles, the scans don't show anything out of the ordinary. If we were all in as good a shape as you are, we'd all be very lucky."

"Thanks Doc," Ross replied with a smile. "Have you had any issues here? We've been having problems with certain sensor echoes that seem to bleeding into other scanning systems."

Doctor Miller shook his head as he made a few notes. "Nothing major. When I arrived, we had a console blow out but there was a yard engineer working on something else in here at the time so he was able to make the repairs and the injured crewman is well on the way to making a full recovery. I provided Lieutenant Hunter with the yard engineer's report. I thought I'd sent you a copy too but if not I'll happily provide one."

"That's not necessary," Ross replied as he stepped up from the Bio Bed. "I haven't been in my office in the last hour I may not have gotten to it yet. I'll read it once I get back to my quarters."

Josh nodded and returned to his notes. After a few more seconds he looked up at Ross. "Well, I'm sure it'll come as no surprise but you're fit as a fiddle. You remain fit for duty. But I do want you to take it easy for the next few weeks to give your trapezius a chance to heal."

"I will. thanks Doc," Ross said before he left the room. The doors swished open and Ross was lost into the corridor beyond.


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