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An Eventful Start

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 @ 10:55pm by Lieutenant Joshua Miller M.D.

Mission: Route to Raeya
Location: Sickbay, Deck 5, U.S.S. Sentinel
Timeline: MD1, 1730 Hrs


Five days ago, Doctor Miller received new orders instructing him to report aboard the U.S.S. Sentinel as her new Chief Medical Officer. It was a promotion for the then Assistant CMO and a fantastic opportunity. And so, he’d boarded a transport at Deep Space Nine that took him as far as Starbase 375. It took another two journeys, one on a civilian transport and the other onboard a Federation Starship, for him to reach Providence Fleet Yards where the Sentinel was currently docked.

Accompanying him on the trip was the small crate into which the few possessions he had with him were packed and a duffel bag. When he materialised on the Sentinel’s transporter pad, Josh immediately arranged for the crate and duffel bag to be beamed to his new quarters before heading out the door. He wanted to swing by Sickbay before reporting to his new Commanding Officer.

When he walked into Sickbay, he found a yard engineer tinkering with one of the secondary biobeds, a nurse running some tests on the primary biobed and a medical technician was working at a console to the left of the door.

The nurse, a Bajoran male, spotted him. “Can I help you, Lieutenant?” He asked, walking over.

“Doctor Joshua Miller.” Josh held out a hand, which the nurse took a firm grip of and gave it a warm shake. “I’m the new Chief Med-“

The wall console exploding in a shower of sparks interrupted the conversation. The room filled with the smell of acrid smoke, burning circuitry and the sound of the technician’s screams of pain. Everyone immediately moved to action.

Joshua grabbed a nearby tricorder and moved to the Crewman’s side as he ordered the nurse to prepare ten CCs of anesthezine. Meanwhile, the yard engineer moved to reroute power away from the exploded console and to extinguish the fire that had started as a result.

The tricorder’s display confirmed what Joshua’s eyes were telling him. “Second degree burns to the face, neck and left hand.” He accepted a hypospray loaded with anesthezine from the nurse and pressed the nozzle against an unburned patch of skin on the right side of the Crewman’s neck. Activating it, the anesthezine worked within seconds. The Crewman’s screaming stopped as he was sedated.

“Help me get him to the biobed.” With the help of the nurse, Joshua carried the medical technician to the primary biobed. He closed the clamshell scanner over the patient and activated it. “The burns to the hand can be healed by the dermal regenerator but the face and neck burns’ll require dermaline gel.”

Josh looked up at the nurse. “Replicate a batch of dermaline gel.” He instructed before returning his focus to study the scans for another minute. The Crewman’s name appeared as part of the readout, ‘Johnson, Alexander’. It looked like there could be some damage to the nerves in the Crewman’s injured hand, but he wouldn’t be certain of that until the burns were healed and he was awake.

He retracted the clamshell scanner, picked up a dermal regenerator and began using is on the burnt flesh covering the Crewman’s injured hand. By the time the nurse returned with the dermaline gel, Joshua had repaired most of the damage to the Crewman’s hand. “I didn’t catch your name.”

“Ensign Chio Faz.” The nurse replied as he began to apply dermaline gel to the face and neck burns.

Joshua deactivated the regenerator. “Unusual circumstances to be meeting under.” He noted as he set the dermal regenerator back on the equipment tray. “I need to report in. Continue applying the dermaline gel and monitor Crewman Johnson’s condition. I’ll be back soon.”

Joshua walked towards the door, stopping with the yard engineer who had taken to studying the console. No doubt he wanted to find out what had happened before he began repairing it, Josh certainly did. “Copy me into your report on what happened, would you?”

The yard engineer nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Doctor Miller continued out the door. His first half hour onboard the Sentinel had certainly been eventful. He couldn’t help but wonder if the rest of his time with this ship would be as eventful.


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