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Security on patrol with refit

Posted on Thu Mar 28th, 2019 @ 4:07am by Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil

Mission: Reactivation
Location: USS-Sentinel

The Refit process

Mer'lar was watching the refit while making sure security systems were going on, and hoping shes doing what shes told.
Mer'Lar continued on with the security systems as per told while tail was slowly wagging,and her whiskers twitching some while working.

Bast walked into the Security office carrying the data PaDD that seemed to have been grafted to his hand since the refit process began. He spotted the Caitian officer and approached her.

"Lieutenant," he greeted. "How goes the refit?"

Mer'lar looked at the commander with a small puurrish growl. "Things are looking very good for the Refit security wise sir." Mer'lar told him as she was watching things are going smoothly..

Bast tapped his data PaDD and accessed the details. "Forcefield emitters needed to be replaced at every corridor junction on Decks Four through Nine. Have they been tested?"

Mer'lar looked at the commandind officer."I'm getting on to it right now sir." Mer'lar said. "Mer'lar stayed with Lt commander Bast Mer'lar looked at Bast,and told him."I just got started with the testing of forcefields, and i will get some help from engineering case any problems collide with the shields sir." Mer'lar slightly purr-growl. Mer'lar was looking at her padd,then to Bast." I will have the results soon sir." Mer'lar explained. "I will be also putting in the report if theres any glitches too." Mer'lars tail wagged slowly before leaving as she waited for Lieutenant Temerant Bast to respond before Leaving..

"Make sure that report is on my desk in six hours," replied Bast. "Carry on."

Mer'lar looked at Bast, "Aye sir." Mer'lar purred,as she was to go finish the report for him."


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