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Checking In

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2019 @ 6:34pm by Ensign T'Sha’err & Lieutenant Araan Ragez

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Chief Science Officer's Office

As T'Sha'err made her way to her new superior's office, she observed that she was not the only one moving to "check in" with a new superior. But whereas the humans around her were showing a wide array of emotions, T'Sha'err moved with a calm purpose. After all, though the uniform she donned meant that she would have new duties and work under the sheerstricter guidelines, it was not her first time presenting herself to a new superior. Merely the first time that the superior had a rank, and not merely the title of Department Head, Dean, or some other variation of those titles.

T'Sha'err promptly presented herself at the entrance to the office of the Chief Science Officer, and signaled her presence at his door.

“Computer, expand the view to encompass both Alpha and Beta quadrants,” said Araan just as the chime rang outside his office. The holographic emitters complied and showed a complex network of tubes and spider web-like structures...a display that encompasses most of the office. “Enter!” He said loudly. “Transfer display to central table. Highlight Federation space.” As the display shifted in size and reoriented itself over the holotable, Araan looked at the Vulcan that had entered. “Good morning, Ensign. What can I do for you?”

"Ensign T'Sha'err, Lieutenant. Checking in upon my arrival," she added.

"Ah yes," said Ragez as the display shifted itself to the table. "Sorry, I was just working on a project...a map of the multidimensional interspatial topology of the galaxy." The Orion paused, leaning against desk slightly and taking a long drink from his coffee cup. "So, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself Ensign? " He said expectantly.

T'Sha'err's left eyebrow arched almost imperceptibly. She assumed her new superior meant to mapping "local" conditions, which was a daunting task in and of itself. Merely defining the two hundred and forty three intersection model for quinary topological relationships in the 'local' vicinity, even aided by the impressive processing power of a starship's computer, would be a challenge. The higher spatial dimensions, even more so. Were she not in complete control of her emotional responses, a hint of a smile might have appeared on the corner of her lips at the thought of a graduate of the Orion Institute of Cosmology accomplishing a task which a number of her colleagues at the Vulcan Science Academy would not embark on.

If successful, it would certainly...what was the human expression?...set a few of her VSA colleagues back on their laurels. If T'Sha'err were not in complete control of her emotional faculties, she might feel a certain amount of amusement at the prospect.

"I assume you are requesting information not readily available on my personnel record," T'Sha'err replied. "I have perhaps more experience in academic collaboration than is usual for a member of the Vulcan Science Academy's mathematical division. This in turn has given me exposure to a wide spectrum of scientific fields. I would not claim to possess expertise in many of these fields, but I do believe that I am qualified as a generalist, enough so that I could conduct initial investigations in numerous areas and be able to determine when an event or incident requires further investigation by a specialist."

The Orion nodded. He was peripherally familiar with some of the papers T'Sha'err had authored, and had been duly impressed. He was convinced that Fate had brought the youthful-looking Vulcan to his science department for a specific reason. He folded his hands loosely in front of him before speaking again. "I am certain that you are aware of the sheer number of highly complex and detailed calculations that this project entails," he offered, attempting to gage the woman's willingness to participate.

"Indeed," T'Sha'err said with a slight tilt of her head. "Even with the aid of the Sentinel's computer, it is not a project to enter lightly. Your commitment is admirable, and I must confess something akin to envy at the innovations that will be derived simply from the pursuit of your goal. Of course, the eventual completion of your project will yield insights in numerous fields, not merely higher dimension spatial physics."

"If you will excuse me for suggesting, Lieutenant," T'Sha'err added, "But perhaps your project might benefit from the contributions of a competent mathematician such as myself."

Taking note of the time, T'Sha'err said, "If there is nothing else that needs to be immediately address, Lieutenant, the quartermaster has requested my presence as well. With your leave, sir?"

With her new superior's permission, T'Sha'err took her leave.


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