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Turbolift Talk

Posted on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 5:13pm by Captain James McCullen & Ensign T'Sha’err

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Turbolift 1
Timeline: MD5, 0900 Hrs

Captain James McCullen strode into the turbolift and smiled, after weeks of crawling through jeffries tubes and climbing ladders, the reinstallation of the USS Sentinel's turbolift system marked a major milestone in the restoration of the ship to full working order.

"Deck one," he told the computer and it beeped in confirmation. He couldn't help but smile again, less than twelve hours ago the bridge had been an empty shell, the installation of the brand new bridge module was the restoration of the ship's nerve center to complete the trifecta of the beating heart of her warp core and the brain of her computer. Slowly, ever so slowly, but surely, the ship was becoming whole, hundreds of pairs of hands, hundreds of man-hours and a seemingly endless list of resources were gradually molding her back into the living thing she was meant to be.

The turbolift beeped, slowing to a stop long before it had reached deck one and he stepped back from the doors.

Into the turbolift stepped a female Vulcan ensign wearing the blue of science/medical. Though she was a good twenty centimeters shorter than the Captain, and her hair was long (though in a bun), rather than in the customary "bowl cut" customary among Vulcans of both sexes serving in Starfleet, her facial features were set in the same stoic fashion of most Vulcans in Starfleet.

"Deck one," she instructed the turbolift, before turning to her commanding officer. "I have not had the opportunity of presenting myself to you since reporting to the Sentinel, Captain," she said, then adding. "Ensign T'Sha'err, science officer."

"Welcome aboard, Ensign," McCullen replied as the turbolift resumed, remembering not to offer his customary handshake. He had worked with enough Vulcans in his time to learn that it wasn't appreciated. He searched his memory to recall some information about the woman, but nothing came to mind. With so many new crew members coming aboard in waves, it had become impossible to keep track of all the names and faces. He studied the officer for a moment and made an educated guess. "The Sentinel is your first posting, isn't it? Is everything... satisfactory, so far?"

"My first posting, yes, sir," T'Sha'err said with a nod. "And everything has been satisfactory. Though I realize the time required for the refitting of the Sentinel will be viewed as deleterious by some, I have found it advantageous, in as much as it has allowed me to become more familiarized with certain technical aspects of my duty."

"I think that's true for most of the new crewmembers aboard, most people are still finding their feet." The captain agreed, "there's something to be said for getting in at the start."

T'Sha'err nodded, then said. "I believe you know an acquaintance of mine, Captain. Lieutenant Rebecca Thatcher. She was an engineering officer on the USS Acheson before becoming an instructor at Starfleet Academy. She was instrumental in helping me adjust my lectures for Cadets and potential Cadets," T'Sha'err explained.

The memory of a face, a smile and a friendly voice popped into McCullen's head and he smiled, it really was a small galaxy. He had been executive officer of the Acheson for five years and Rebecca Thatcher had been a constant during that time. He had first known her much as he was meeting T'Sha'err now, as an ensign fresh out of the academy and he had watched the woman grow into a competent, confident officer. "Well, isn't that something?" He commented lightly, "she was always destined to teach, I think. She had a way of explaining things that just... made sense. How was 'Becca, when you last saw her?"

T'Sha'err's left eyebrow arched perhaps a half a centimeter at the reduction of Rebecca Thatcher's name to 'Becca.' Her friend always insisted that those who knew her addressed her with a truncated form of her name. It was a habit that T'Sha'err had not only successfully resisted, but also had successfully prevented Rebecca from applying to her.

"She is doing more than adequately," T'Sha'err replied. "Prior to my departure from Earth, she advised me that she would be accepting a temporary assignment to the Daystrom Institute. I concur with your opinion, that her abilities can be best utilized in the realm of academia."

"Daystrom, huh?" McCullen felt a small surge of pride, he liked to think that he had had some small influence in nourishing the now-lieutenant in the early stages of her career, hearing of her blossoming and achieving one of her oft-stated life goals was gratifying. "That's good to hear, it's the perfect place for her."

The captain felt a tiny shift in gravity as the lift stopped moving horizontally and began to ascend a vertical shaft. They were getting close to their destination, "have you had a chance to check in with Lieutenant Ragez?"

"I have, sir," T'Sha'err responded. "Upon my initial arrival to the Sentinel."

"Good, with any luck the science team will be kept very busy over the coming weeks and months." McCullen continued, he was hopeful that the Sentinel's next mission would be one of peaceful exploration, scientific discovery and, if they were very luck indeed, first contact. "What exactly is your field of expertise?"

"I am a mathematician, Captain," T'Sha'err responded. "Primarily, I deal with developing mathematical models and systems that are applicable to microphysics, as well as high energy physics. However, several of my colleagues at the Vulcan Science Academy in other disciplines found me the most...accommodating to their requests for assistance, in comparisons to other in the mathematics department. Individuals studying mathematics tend to become somewhat specialized, and prefers not to step outside of their self-defined boundaries. As you can no doubt surmise, this trait is more pronounced in Vulcan academia." T'Sha'err paused before adding, "The end result for myself was a broader range of scientific knowledge which I believe will make me more useful to the Sentinel."

In short, math and a bit of everything, McCullen thought to himself, wondering momentarily at the propensity for Vulcans to be extremely verbose. "I'm sure you'll put your talents to use... very effectively." The captain responded verbally, giving the Vulcan an encouraging smile.

T'Sha'err simply nodded in reply to the Captain's observation.

The turbolift slowed to a stop and the doors hissed open to reveal the bridge. "Well, Ensign, I'm glad we were able to have this talk." The captain smiled at T'Sha'err, wishing that he had the time and opportunity to talk to all of his new junior officers.

"I appreciate the discussion, Captain," T'Sha'err added simply, before moving to the science station to relieve the officer there.

McCullen waited a moment before walking onto the bridge, heading for the chair. "Status?" He called to the room in general.


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