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Ear Worms Stink!

Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 6:53am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Sensor Maintenance, Deck Two


Sensor Maintenance came to life as Ross entered the closet sized room. The lights turned up and all the Computer panels that lined the walls and a short console sat in its center turned on. The mere size of the room made Ross feel uncomfortable in the room's confining nature. "How the hell did they fit two people in here," he said aloud.

He walked up to the desk and entered in his code. A gentle greeting from the computer told him he was in. Pull out several tools from his pockets and a palm scanner. After an hour of ministrations Ross found himself humming a incoherent tune. "Computer play Ross music file 10."

The computer chimed in, "Music is not recommended while performing sensor repairs."

Ross cursed. Sensor repairs often required the use of one's own hearing to listen for a ping from the station.

Another half hour passed. Was it two console Ross was looking at or one. Everything seemed to be doubling. The music in his head started on repeat. The same four bars he was humming. Was it a song he had heard before? Or one he made up."

"Computer what's the name of this song," Ross hummed the bars of music the ear worm repeated in his mind.

The computer chimed in, "There is insufficient data."

Ross sighed. Another ping.

"Ross to Bridge. All forward sensor arrays are operational. Moving to port prepare to send passive scans on my mark." Ollie sat back and moved toward another wall panel. Scanning it with the palm scanner he moved his stylus along the each relay port. Again he found himself humming that incessant tune. Where did it come from?

Another ping.

Words started to form in the back of his head; something about smoke on the water.

"Ross to Bridge, mark."

"Beginning passive scans of the Starbase and might I add Lieutenant you have a nice voice."

Ross stopped dead in his tracks. He forgot to close his comm channel. His heart stopped beating. The bridge crew, his team heard everthing he was humming. Ross blushed, "Thank you. But if you tell anyone..."

"No worries Ollie. Your secret is safe with me," the officer on the other end of the line stated with a slight chuckle in her voice. "All scans are coming back normal we should be okay. Sensors are officially up and running. Should I inform the Captain?"

"No Marie, I will send him my report." Ross started to close his tool kit up.

"Will you sing it to him?"

"With fife an drum," Ross closed the channel and headed out the door.


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