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Posted on Sat Feb 2nd, 2019 @ 3:56am by Lieutenant T'sa

Mission: Reactivation
Location: USS Sentinel, Diplomats Office
Timeline: MD02 | 0900 Hours

There was, in her mind, no other way to go about it. She was not overly distracted by their deaths, or at least; she told herself that she wasn't. She had known the officers who died for only a day, at most, but she was steadfast in her decision to file a complaint against Starfleet command. Whatever reasons they might have given, nothing justified gross negligence.

The Sentinal, while grand, was not worth the recovery effort. A team, explicitly trained for retrievals, would have been a better choice.

She'd been working professionally as a diplomat for the majority of her life; complaint forms were commonplace. She'd written several in Vulcan, Andorian, Caitian, Klingon, etc., during her time in the Vulcan Diplomatic Service - she could attribute half of her fluency in foreign languages to her time writing official complaints.

But this was different. While a formal objection was the only way to go about it professionally, it felt insensitive. How many words on a page did it take to sum up the value of a person's life? This, this feeling of uncertainty, was what kept the words from forming correctly.

The office onboard the Sentinel was bare, and eerily silent. She sat at her desk, the only piece of furniture aside from the chair she sat on that had been brought on board to make the room feel less mothballed. She thought once, then twice, that she might be more comfortable back onboard the Starbase, but she also knew herself to the letter.

Adapting to new environments took time for her, so the quicker she became used to her new office, the better.

T'sa's fingers hovered over the keys, analyzing what she had written. It was odd, that she would ever second guess her own writing, but she found it happening more and more often. Perhaps she should look into seeing the Doctor about it, but in the meantime, she had work to do. She wanted to remain calm and collected, as all of her mentors had stressed she must be, but this situation seemed like it demanded something... more than that.

There was an alert from her computer, which for the first time in several hours, brought her head up from the view on her PADD. The signal was for a video communique request from Vulcan. Her Husband. She did not wish to delay the charge. But, knowing her Husband, he would not object to her divided attention.

His face was... surprisingly comforting to see. She must have looked tired because he had an uncharacteristic look of surprise on his face. Granted, it was only a slight tell of the brows, but she could see it nonetheless.

"T'sa" He greeted her cooly "Jillolk" She returned to him.

"It was pleasant to hear that you had returned safely from your mission" He addressed her delicately, speaking softly. The sky was dark from what she could see through the small view screen, and her daughter was curled up asleep in a long bed facing the window. She looked back to her PADD.

"Has Isung been busy?" She asked after her daughter, disregarding her Husband's veiled inquiry. She didn't know how much she was at liberty to speak of, so she settled for avoiding the question.

"She's been ill, the past week" This alarmed T'sa, though it only showed in the quick snap back to paying her utmost of attention to the call. Her daughter was never ill. Jillolk had a smug look on his face. "She's been up for the past five days finishing her sciences final. I advised she rest" He corrected himself.

"Why did you lie?" "What are you so distracted with?" He replied to her question with his own. Ah, he wanted her attention. Fine. She took in a deep breath, typing a few final sentences onto the PADD's lengthy list of paragraphs "A complaint" "A complaint? Against Whom?"

Another breath "I cannot discuss much," she explained calmly "if I thought I could, I would tell you" He nodded, seeming to understand why she was avoiding his queries "Then, I assume you've told your Captain you will be filing the report?"

She paused again, flicking her eyes to his "No, I have not"

"Why not?"

She tapped her fingers against the surface of her desk, in a strange ritual of delaying her response. She didn't honestly have an answer for that. She could say that she thought he was already busy as it was and that adding onto his pile wouldn't aide much, but she knew this was untrue. If anything was to come of this, it would have to be taken up with McCullen.

"It escaped my mind"

Jillolk did not respond, but she could see out of the corner of her eye that he raised a pointed black brow in her direction. Nothing escaped her mind; it was why she had was so well regarded in both the Vulcan Diplomatic Academy and Starfleet Academy.

"T'hy'la," He spoke softly, a word that made her heartache and her fingers pause their typing "speak to your Captain" It was cruel that he used a word like that to win an argument, but if he felt so strongly about a course of action, she was hardpressed to deny him.

A final deep breath "Very Well, I will speak to him"

"That's all I ask"

"I will..." She paused, letting the soft feelings of affection flutter away before speaking again "I will visit Vulcan again, as soon as I am able"

"I look forward to it" With that, the call cut out, and she was left alone once again in her bare office.


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