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Arrival on the Sentinel

Posted on Thu Jan 31st, 2019 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant JG Tarsi zh'Enis
Edited on on Thu Jan 31st, 2019 @ 4:17pm

Mission: Reactivation
Location: USS Sentinel - Shuttle Bay
Timeline: MD2, 0930 Hrs

The shuttle ride from Providence Fleet Yard had been about as uneventful as one would expect. Granted, it was barely two kilometers from the shuttle bay at the yard to the one on the USS Sentinel, but as far as Tarsi was concerned any shuttle journey that didn’t end in explosive death was one to chalk up as a win. Four years. Four years of service in Starfleet, all but a handful of days of it spent aboard a ship, and yet she still didn’t trust shuttles. They were just too… fragile. They looked like they could be knocked out of the sky with a well-thrown rock, and that just did not sit right with Tarsi, no matter how safe they were supposed to be. She had requested transfer by transporter, of course, but with so many ships docked they were for emergency/senior-officer usage only. There had been four other officers aboard the shuttle with her – discounting the pilot – and all had been new transfers like her. They had introduced themselves to each other, and there had been attempts to chat to Tarsi, but her discomfort no doubt had made her come across as a stereotypical cold and irritable Andorian. Suffice to say that she had been relieved when they’d docked at the Sentinel and she’d been able to disembark.

She looked around while a team of yeoman descended upon the shuttle’s cargo – the luggage of her and her fellow officers, and a few other miscellaneous small crates – and an officer with a PADD walked over to the group, smiling warmly. The Sentinel was about the same size as the Sabre-class she’d previously served on, but it was a lot more cutting-edge, and even the shuttle bay was impressively modern.

“… and welcome aboard the USS Sentinel!” Tarsi snapped out of her private musings a little too late to catch the officer’s name but the pips on her collar marked her as a petty officer. She produced a PADD so she could check the new arrivals in.

“Lieutenant Tarsi zh’Enis,” Tarsi supplied said when the officer looked her way.

“Got you here, great. Thank you, sir.” The officer smiled and then moved on to the next officer. Names and ranks were given, checked, and ticked off. “Wonderful, that’s everyone I’m expecting. Now, if you’ll all follow me, please.” She turned to head toward the exit from the shuttle bay, beckoning them all to follow with one hand, while the other clutched her PADD to her chest. “Your personal effects are already heading off to your quarters, and we’ll have you all there shortly, too. But in the meantime, our XO, Commander Bast, likes to greet all new officers personally.” Tarsi carried on looking around as they walked, taking her surroundings in properly. “So, if you head through here,” the petty officer indicated the door out of the bay, “and take the turbolift on the left, and he’s up on de-,”

There was a panicked shout and a crunch of impact immediately to Tarsi’s left, the two sounds rolling into each other and immediately followed by more cries as a stack of supply crates began to lean ominously. But by then she was already moving, taking two dashed steps before flinging herself forward and into the crewman who’d shouted out the warning, knocking him clear and to the ground with 80 kilos of flying Andorian. The thump as they hit the deck together was lost in the cacophony of noise as the top crate landed, cracking in two and sending it contents clattering and bouncing across the metal floor. Tarsi picked herself up and reached down to give a hand to the crewman she’d flattened, easily helping him up onto his feet.

“Dammit, I told him to stop!” said the crewman, leaning forward to put his hands on his knees, clearly winded.

“You okay?” Tarsi asked.

“Oh, I’m fine, ma’am, thank you.” He gave a genial, reassuring smile. “Trust me when I say that of all the things that have run into me or landed on me in this job, you’re not even close to the worst!” The young crewman’s smiled turned to a grimace as he looked over to where he’d been standing and saw the mess of parts on the floor. “Aw hell.”

“Alright everyone, quit your gawking and get back to working!” shouted a senior non-com; presumably the one in charge of unloading cargo. “Let’s get this mess cleared up and will someone please secure those crates properly!”

“Hope your ride up-top’s free of any further incidents, ma’am!” said the crewman, flipping off a quick salute as he ran off to help.

“Me too, Crewman. Me too.” She smiled at him, a little awkwardly, and headed over to the shuttle bay’s exit.


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