Route to Raeya

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Status Current Mission
Description After being recovered and going through a bow-to-stern restoration and refit, the USS Sentinel heads out on her first active-service mission under Captain James McCullen. The ship is to proceed to the Raeyan Sector via the Raeyan Transit Corridor and use the journey as a shakedown cruise after their refit.
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Mon Feb 25th, 2019 @ 6:01pm

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Title Timeline Location
Promises and Promotions
by Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous & Captain James McCullen
MD1, 1115 Hrs Ready Room, USS Sentinel
by Captain James McCullen
MD1, 1100 Hrs Ready Room, USS Sentinel

Mission Summary

The Raeyan Transit Corridor - a 5 light-year wide, 40 light-year long corridor of Federation space squeezed between the shattered Romulan Star Empire and the roiling Klingon Empire. Pressured from both sides, with the Maquis-esque Free Romulan Movement vying for the return of previously Romulan worlds to the empire and the warlike and savage Sovereignty of Kahless, a breakaway Klingon faction that has dissolved the Klingon Empire into open civil war, pushing for territory and spoiling for a fight.

Into this narrow strip of peace between the Klingons and Romulans comes the USS Sentinel - fresh from her refit and restored to active duty, the crew expects a quiet journey through the corridor and on to their mission in the Raeya sector. It is a time for shakedown tests, drills and settling in - but fate will conspire to give them more than they hoped.