Mission 2 Outline and Information

Posted on Tue Feb 19th, 2019 @ 7:00am by Captain James McCullen

Hello, Sentinels.

As you know, the refit period for the Sentinel is about to wrap up and we're embarking upon the USS Sentinel's first official mission.

Our orders are simple, we are to depart Providence Fleet Yards and proceed to Outpost Curtiss in the Taugan Sector, near the Federation side of the Raeyan Transit Corridor. During the journey of approximately 30 light years, taking roughly ten days at warp 8, the USS Sentinel will undertake a post-refit shakedown, wherein we will test, evaluate and fine-tune all systems.

Following a short stay at Outpost Curtiss, the USS Sentinel is to proceed through the Raeyan Transit Corridor, a journey of 40 light years to Faltan Station, a planet-side Federation outpost on Faltan III of the Faltan System. At Warp 8, the journey should take about 15 days. The USS Sentinel will make planet fall and land at the outpost's docking facilities. The Sentinel will make any necessary repairs post-shakedown while landed and then proceed to Starbase 440 in the Sinela System for further orders.


Background Information
The Raeyan Transit Corridor is a 5 light-year wide, 40 light-year long corridor of Federation space squeezed between the shattered Romulan Star Empire and the roiling Klingon Empire. Pressured from both sides, with the Maquis-esque Free Romulan Movement vying for the return of previously Romulan worlds ceded to the Federation upin the creation of the Transit Corridor in the Treaty of Nelvana in 2387 to the empire, and the warlike and savage Sovereignty of Kahless, a breakaway Klingon faction that has dissolved the Klingon Empire into open civil war, following the old ways of aggressive expansion through warfare, pushing for territory and spoiling for a fight.

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